Prolexic Routed

Fastest DDoS Mitigation of Terabit Scale Attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks range from small and sophisticated to large and bandwidth-busting. Unplanned outages are costly, requiring fast and effective DDoS mitigation.

Prolexic Routed provides fully managed DDoS protection for your online business. Backed by an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA).

Prolexic combines proactive mitigation with Akamai’s world-class security operations center (SOC) to stop attacks now ― and in the future.

Business Benefits: Prolexic Routed

Stop attacks in the cloud

Prolexic Routed mitigates DDoS attacks in the cloud, providing a forward defense that can stop the largest attacks and scrub DDoS traffic before it reaches your applications and data centers. On-demand and always-on options help you control your mitigation posture.

Mitigate attacks instantly

Proactive mitigation controls are designed to stop attacks instantly at the edge — the fastest and most effective response in the industry. Prolexic Routed offers proactive mitigation controls for both on-demand and always-on options to minimize downtime and business risk.

Defend against the largest threats

With three to five times the available capacity as the largest known attacks to date, the Prolexic DDoS platform is built to withstand record-setting gigabit- and packet-per-second attacks — even when they double in size.

Gain collective security

Prolexic Routed mitigates over 8,000 DDoS attacks a year, providing Akamai with visibility into the latest DDoS attack types. This allows us to mitigate DDoS attacks faster and more effectively when your business is targeted.

Tailor your mitigation posture

Akamai SOC experts tailor proactive mitigation controls to your clean network traffic. Maintaining a positive security model positions Akamai to instantly block malicious traffic while minimizing the risk of false positives, providing the best possible mitigation experience.

Get DDoS expertise

Prolexic Routed provides the DDoS-fighting expertise trusted by the many of the world’s largest organizations and most security-conscious industries. Fast, effective DDoS protection from Akamai allows you to stay focused on running your online business without disruption.

How Does Prolexic Routed Work?

Prolexic Routed is designed to stop DDoS attacks in the cloud, before they reach your applications, data centers, and infrastructure. Network traffic is redirected through Akamai scrubbing centers by making a simple border gateway protocol (BGP) route advertisement change. Akamai offers two deployment options ― always-on is ready to mitigate malicious traffic at all times, and on-demand allows you to redirect traffic when you’re under attack.

Prolexic Routed is built on a DDoS mitigation platform with 20 global scrubbing centers, closer to users and attackers to minimize performance latency and improve network resiliency. Traffic is routed through the closest available scrubbing center, and proactive mitigation controls are architected to drop attacks instantly. Akamai SOC experts analyze the remaining DDoS traffic to quickly and efficiently apply the most appropriate mitigation for every attack vector. Clean traffic is then forwarded to your applications and data centers, and outbound traffic returned directly to users.

Features: Prolexic Routed

High-capacity protection

With 20 global scrubbing centers and 8.3Tbps of DDoS mitigation capacity, Prolexic is built to withstand the largest, most sophisticated attacks seen to date.

Robust technology stack

Prolexic employs multiple mitigation technologies, applying the right one to each attack vector for rapid response and additional layers of defense.

Industry-leading SLA

Akamai provides an industry-leading zero-second mitigation SLA to minimize downtime and risk for your online business.

Granular reporting

Prolexic puts more information at your fingertips, including your clean network traffic, DDoS attack trends, and in-depth attack characteristics, so you can perform your own forensics analysis.

Proactive mitigation controls

A positive security model tailored to your network traffic is designed to stop more attacks instantly at the edge of the Akamai scrubbing centers without requiring manual SOC analysis and response.

World-class global SOC

More than 200+ security experts across six global SOC locations provide 24/7 fully managed attack response. Overlapping shifts and continuous education ensure there’s never a gap in coverage.

Always-on deployment

Prolexic Routed provides both on-demand and always-on deployment options. Always-on deployment minimizes downtime from DDoS attacks by enabling mitigation to begin instantly.